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About Mosbaek North America, Inc.


It started with a bright idea

Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen


Mosbaek was founded in 1969 when the inventor and engineer, Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen, as the first person in the world conceived the idea of developing a water brake. This device for sewage systems allowed only a limited, close to constant flow to pass, regardless of the water level. The inventor decided to call this device a water brake or flow regulator.


As a result of targeted optimization and development Mosbaek North America, Inc. now offers a wide product range meeting practically any need for flow control in sewage systems. It has always been the company’s aim to find the simplest possible solution to specific flow control problems in order to ensure optimum construction, operating and maintenance costs for the user. Therefore, the water brakes/flow regulators from Mosbaek North America, Inc. have no moving parts, no electrical components and a constantly large orifice opening.


As a matter of course the company offers individual advisory services concerning flow regulators and flow regulators based on 49 years’ experience and expertise with regard to the possibilities and limitations of the products. By means of specially developed software each water brake is designed to suit the need of the customer, who may rest assured that we offer him the best solution.


Our production is based on state-of-the-art CAD systems and the products are subjected to strict quality control.


Mosbaek has sold more than 15,000 water brakes and has references world wide.


Mosbaek North America, Inc. • 3525 Piedmont Road • 7 Piedmont Center • Atlanta GA 30305 • E-mail info@mosbaek.com