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The story of Mosbaek A/S

The first, tender idea of a 'water brake' came into being as far back as in 1959 when Joergen Mosbaek as a first-year engineering student was given the assignment to prepare a complete run-off project for a house.


At home, Joergens mother collected rainwater in a tub.  She used the lime-free water when rinsing her laundry. This gave Joergen the idea that it ought to be possible to collect the storm water from the house in a small storage tank on the lot.  By means of a retention device the storm water should then be slowly discharged to the mains in the public road.  This way, the dimensions of the sewage pipes could be reduced considerably - in other words: there was money to be saved!  But such a device had to be invented first!


In the years to follow, he graduated in 1961 and then worked as a project engineer in the field of sewage and run-off in various consulting engineers' companies.  Also here, he often saw the need for a device which could delay the storm water so  that flooding could be avoided. Because of this, he never let go of his idea of a water brake, and  in his spare time he was busy experimenting with different brake designs, either as model tests in the kitchen sink or in a test tank in his back garden.


He found out that the best and most compact design was a round container where the water was set into rotation during its passage.  This way, he achieved a considerable braking effect.The design was similar to what we today call a centrifugal flow regulator.


The 'brakes' are patented

In 1971 the design was so close to completion that Joergen could apply for his invention to be patented.  The invention in full consisted of a manhole with a built-in centrifugal flow regulator.


Joergen kept on experimenting to see whether there might be other designs for his 'water brake', and in 1975 he developed the cyclone flow regulator.


The first 'brakes' are sold 'over there'

1975 was a memorable year because he also sold his first 'water brake' - it was sold in Norway.


In order to fund the expensive applications for patents, Joergen that same year sold a number of licenses for his 'brakes'. The license holders should take care of marketing and selling the 'brakes' - Joergen should take care of further developing them.


The 'brakes' were at first mainly marketed the U.S., Canada and England under the name 'Hydro-Brake'.


They had their break-thru when they were exhibited at the large 'International Public Works Congress & Equipment Show' in Las Vegas September 1976.


During the 5 years, which the co-operation with the licence holders lasted, more than 1000 flow regulators were sold in the USA, England, Canada and Mexico.


The 'brakes' return to Denmark

The time was ripe for Joergen wishing to manage the marketing himself, and in 1979 he founded his own company which he chose to name 'Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen ApS'. 

He chose to concentrate on the Danish market, and here the flow regulators also soon became a success.

As the demand increased in the Danish market, Joergen eventually decided to quit his job in 1981 in order to concentrate fully on his own company.


The 'brakes' spread out all over Europe

The Aquatec exhibition, Holland, ca. 1985.

In the nineteen eighties, the company entered into contract with its first authorised distributors - in England and Holland.  Since then, more have followed - today Mosbaek has distributors in most European countries.

As it is today, 80% of the production is exported.


Larger and better facilities...

Till 1993 Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen ApS had their 'water brakes' produced by sub-contractors.  However, in 1993 the Company started its own production in order to rationalise it all under one roof and to carry out full quality control.


The sales increased steadily, and the rented office building soon proved too small.  In 1995 the present office and production estate at Vaerkstedsvej 20 in Koege was acquired.  The new domicile is sufficiently large to cater for the Company's expansion, and there has been room for an improved and expanded test center.


In 1998 the firm was registered as a company  and the name became simply 'Mosbaek A/S'.


Mosbaek A/S has today 12 employees and more than 1500 flow regulators are produced per year, a steadily increasing number.


Generational change

In 2006 Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen transferred the business to his daughters, Marina Mosbaek Johannessen and Janne Mosbaek Johannessen, and his nephew and works manager of Mosbaek A/S for ten years, Kim Mosbaek Johannessen. Marina then took over his place as managing director and Kim continued as works manager. In the beginning of 2007 Janne was also employed.

Marina graduated as Master of Science in mathematics and molecular biology in 1998 from Roskilde University. In October 2004 she acquired a Ph.D. degree from the University of Copenhagen. The research project was carried out at Risoe National Laboratory. Marinas insight in natural science, as well as the general tools and experience acquired through her study provides the company with excellent ballast. Since the beginning of 2005 Marina has taken part in the day-to-day running of Mosbaek A/S.


Janne is educated as a nurse, but a wish for further insight into the day-to-day running of the business, as well as an interest in marketing encouraged her to take challenges in Mosbaek A/S.


For the present Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen is the technical director of the enterprise.


In 2008 Mosbaek has launched the subsidiary Mosbaek North America, Inc, to grow the company's presence in the United States and Canada.

The future

"Foretelling is difficult, especially about the future" as the Danish writer Storm P. said once.  But the future will undoubtedly offer further development and further improvements of the flow regulators.

Maybe even a new regulator type. In any case, Joergen has a few ideas up his sleeve which must be tried out...

Mosbaek North America, Inc. • 3525 Piedmont Road • 7 Piedmont Center • Atlanta GA 30305 • E-mail info@mosbaek.com