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Facts on procedures and quality

Mosbaek prioritize quality, prompt delivery and service very highly - this has always been our trade mark.

Below, a flow regulators path from inquiry, production, delivery and service is described.  The description applies to all our products, of course with those differences there may be in the production process.


The customer fills in the inquiry form at Mosbaek's website with all relevant data. This can be done by either printing out the form, completing it and faxing it to Mosbaek, or alternatively completing the form on-line and clicking the "Submit" button. The latter method is the fastest; the data is checked for consistency when the submit button is clicked. A warning pops up and warns of any inconsistent data.

When the customer's inquiry has been received at Mosbaek, it is registered in our quotation and order system. We prepare an individual, non-comittal quotation based on the customer's data. We do this by means of our design software and by expert assessments/calculations. Special conditions are taken into account - a complete solution is prepared free of charge. Please remember to inform us if any special conditions apply.

An individual CAD drawing of the flow regulator and a written quotation are produced and these are sent or mailed to the customer.


If the customer accepts the quotation and sends us on order, the following happens:

an acknowledgement of order is written. If any further data/information is needed on account of the production, then this will be added to the acknowledgement of order document. This may be e.g. required direction of inlet opening for CY. We confirm the delivery, invoice address, dispatching date and terms of payment.  


The drawings of the flow regulators are produced via AutoCAD-system and transferred directly to a sophisticated water-jet cutting machine, which cuts the individual parts in acid-proof steel AISI 316L according to the drawing. The components are assembled by means of TIG-welding by specially trained steelworkers. Welding seams and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned in all corners with glass blasting.


When the flow regulator is complete, a sticker with all specifications listed, is placed on it. It is then checked that the specifications have been met and whether the flow regulator is as ordered. Among others, the adjustment plate apertures are checked.

Packing and dispatch

The production is booked for dispatch, at a transport company. The company usually picks up the goods on Fridays and delivers them in the beginning of the following week. The goods are packed and fitting instructions (sketch) and any ordered fitting bolts (acid free steel) are enclosed. We usually have a production time of 2-3 weeks.


The fitting is carried out by the contractor's authorised sewerage technicians. They should be specialists in pouring concrete bankettes and grooves.


The best advertisement is happy customers, so we are of course at your service should you have any questions concerning fitting and operation of the flow regulator. If the capacity of the flow regulator at a later stage needs to be changed, we will calculate the new adjustment plate position or deliver a new adjustment plate.


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