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Functional requirements type CYD

The Mosbaek CYD flow regulators  meet the following functional requirements, which may therefore be specified in invitations for tenders:


  • Semi-dry/dry installation


  • Replaceable outlet orifice plate


  • Possibility of mounting a transparent inspection cover


  • Type CYDX: 45° change in direction of flow


  • Type CYDV: 90° change in direction of flow


  • Type CYDK: Outlet in tandem with inlet

GeneralTechnical Info

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Flexible solution

Application chart

CYD flow regulators are designed for capacities from 125 GPM (~8 l/s) up to 9525 GPM (~600 l/s) – see diagram. They are made for semidry/dry installation. For submerged installation types – please see product descriptions of CY.


CYD flow regulators for semidry/dry installation may be used for all types of discharge water, i.e. storm water, sewage water or mixed storm and sewage water. Available types are CYDK, CYDV and CYDX, all of different designs. The capacity ranges are as follows:


  • CYDK: 125-1250 GPM (~8-80 l/s)
  • CYDV: 320-7950 GPM (~20-500 l/s)
  • CYDX: 400-9500 GPM (~25-600 l/s)


All CYD flow regulators have a replaceable outlet orifice plate enabling adjustment of at least ±20% of the capacity in mean size. For a change of capacity, please contact Mosbaek North America, Inc.. We identify the flow regulator by means of its reference number and calculate the dimension of the outlet orifice plate to suit the new capacity.


What characterizes the CYD flow regulators is the possibility of adapting them to suit a specific pipe layout, i.e. the possibility of specific changes in direction. The following alternatives are available:


  • CYDK is ideal for a straight pipe layout, as the outlet is arranged in continuation of the inlet. However, it may also be used in the event of subsequent changes in direction in the well.
  • CYDV is ideal for 90° pipe layouts, as the  regulator has two built-in direction changes of 45°.
  • CYDX is ideal for 45° pipe layouts, but may also be used for straight flows and a 90° change in direction.

Excellent control and large orifice opening

Definition sketch

In general, the CYD flow regulators ensure that the flow, Q, is almost constantly equal to the nominal capacity, Qdim, over a large interval of upstream heads. This means that the capacity, Qdim, may be obtained at the top of the ”bump” of the characteristics as well as in the design point. This is illustrated on the head-discharge curve of the CYD flow regulators.


However, the CYDK regulators offers the strongest hydraulic resistance owing to the patented cascade chamber of the inlet. Owing to the design of the regulators there is very little resistance against flow in the event of dry weather outlet whereby an excellent self-cleaning effect is obtained. When the controller is operating, the angle changes of the inlet result in a strong contraction of the inlet jet, whereby the resistance against flow is increased so that the orifice opening may be increased by 10-25% compared with types CYDV, CYDX and certain imitations


Low construction, operating and maintenance costs

Head-discharge curve for CYD-regulator

The CYD flow regulators are dry-mounted on the inlet opening. For installation a moderate height loss is required, i.e. almost horizontal (mired) flow. As the cast banquettes are sloping from all sides towards the bottom race, the build-up of deposits will be reduced to a minimum, as the water is carried away from the well/regulator. Thus, inspection, service or capacity changes may be carried out under hygienic conditions.


The CYD flow regulators may be installed in existing or planned wells or tanks.


Other features of the CYD regulators are:


  • Constantly large orifice opening
  • No moving parts
  • No electrical components
  • Made of stainless, acid-resistant steel AISI 316L


In the aggregate these features contribute to low plant construction, operating and maintenance costs.


Typical applications

Generally the CYD regulator is used in connection with:


  • Outlet from detention basins
  • Overflow structures
  • Pipe storage
  • Capacity limits in hydraulic nodal points
  • Inlets of pumping stations
  • Inlets of separators and waste water treatment plants


Besides, this type of regulators may be used in many other situations. Please contact us for further information.



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