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Welcome to Mosbaek North America, Inc. website

This website describes the individual flow regulators under Products with two headings: General and Technical info.


General describes the features and applications of the individual flow regulators as well as the available settings of, for instance, capacity or orientation of inlet and outlet.


Technical info shows examples of the installation of the individual flow regulators as well as the standard equipment and optional extras offered by Mosbaek North America, Inc..


Flow control describes solutions of situations when serious flooding problems and consequent pollution may occur. There are two headings:

About flow control describes how flooding of basements and overloading of waste water treatment plants with subsequent pollution may be prevented by means of sewage water control.


About flow regulators  ? how to choose the most suitable type of regulator? Mosbaek North America, Inc. tailors the optimum solution for the specific situation. For this purpose we need the data listed in the table: Please submit an inquiry.


The story of Mosbaek. Jørgen Mosbæk Johannessen ApS and Mosbaek A/S have manufactured flow regulators without moving parts since 1979 and the product range covers all kinds of flow regulators including roof drains for flat roofs.


Latest news will be updated in case of relevant new information.



Useful links  Here you may find links to relevant organizations and professional institutions. These links focus on flow technology in connection with flow control.


Contact us  if you do not find the solution you are looking for. Our production is very flexible and we may tailor flow regulators to suit practically any need.


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