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GeneralTechnical Info

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Plant and operation

Example of bankette layout, section and plan.

The CYD flow regulators are designed for dry installation. Usually they have a mired flow with 2 % downgrade.


Banquettes are cast to ensure a slope from all sides towards the bottom race on the outlet side. See example of banquette design on the sketch to the right.


If the regulator is installed close to a pipe basin or the like with a flat bottom an increased self-cleaning effect of the pipe basin may be obtained at a height loss of 2-4" (~5-10 cm) to the bottom race of the controller.


Commercial dimensions


10" 3"    
12" 3-5"    
14" 3-6" 6" 6"
16" 3-7" 6-7" 6-7"
20" 4-8" 6-10" 6-10"
22" 5-9" 6-9" 6-9"
24" 5-9" 6-9" 6-9"
26" 6-10" 6-10" 6-10"
30" 6-10" 6-12" 6-12"
34" 7-10" 7-14" 7-14"
40" 8-10" 8-16" 8-16"
50"     12-24" 12-24"
60"     18-24" 18-24"


The regulators are specially designed to suit the specific application and differ from most imitations owing to the many possible combinations of vortex chamber sizes and flow diameters. Consequently, optimum characteristics may always be obtained within the range of application. CYD regulators with chamber diameters up to 23"  suit a 24"  dia. manhole.


Standard equipment

Orientation of inlet tube

CYD regulators are available with right or left orientated inlet. For straight flows a left orientated inlet is standard, but you have to look at the geometry of the well/structure to choose the more suitable orientation of the inlet tube.



The regulator is equipped with a PP-flange on the inlet tube offering the possibility of fitting a valve between the structure and the regulator.



Instead of a flange a plate may be fitted on the inlet to be used for fastening the regulator directly to the wall.


Replaceable outlet orifice plate

The regulator has a replaceable outlet orifice plate.

Optional extras

Adapter cone

In case of a major difference between the dimension of the delivery pipe and the inlet tube of the controller, the controller may be equipped with an adapter cone between the flange/plate and the inlet tube.


Steel flange

The regulator may be equipped with a steel flange instead of the PP-flange, if required.



In the event of backwater on the outlet side it may be difficult for the CYD regulator to get rid of the air from the vortex chamber, which results in a reduced braking effect. Venting will ensure that this problem does not occur. Owing to the design of the venting device a core of air will be maintained in the vortex chamber ensuring optimum braking effect of the regulator.


Inspection window

To facilitate inspection of the vortex chamber the CYD regulator is available with a plexiglass inspection window. However, the vortex chamber may also be inspected by removing the outlet orifice plate by means of an adjustable wrench.


Inspection cover

For ease of inspection of the vortex chamber the CYD regulator is available with an inspection cover. The cover is made of plexiglass and fastened with four bolts, which have to be loosened.



The CYDK regulator may be fitted on a bracket, which makes it possible to tilt it upward to provide access to a larger opening allowing easy inspection of the controller and the inlet. The bracket is available for vortex chamber diameters up to 26" (660 mm) with 8" (200 mm) dia. inlet tube. The regulator may be tilted upward from ground level by loosening a locking pawl and pulling a wire or the like fastened to the locking pawl or the regulator.


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