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GeneralTechnical Info

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Installation and operation

CEH flow regulators are designed for semidry/dry installation and are only intended for small volumes of drainage water containing sewage.


The difference in height between the inlet and the bottom race of the well or structure must be at least 12" (~300 mm) in order to consider the outlet opening of the controller. Banquettes sloping from all sides towards the bottom race are cast on the outlet side. See example of banquette design on the sketch to the right.


If the flow regulator is installed immediately after a pipe detention basin or the like, the basin must have a small-sized bottom race or pipe penetration in order to obtain a self-cleaning effect of the pipe detention basin.

Example of manhole lay-out, section and plan.

Trade dimensions

CEH flow regulators are available with the following dimensions of vortex chamber, inside thickness and outlet opening:


Chamber diametersInside thicknessOutlet opening
23" 4" 4-5"
23" 5" 5-7"
30" 6" 6-8"
30" 8" 7-9"


The flow regulator is tailored to suit each individual project, and differ from most imitations because of the many possible combinations of vortex chamber sizes and orifice opening diameters. Consequently, you may always obtain the required capacity within the available range of regulators.an>


CEH regulators with chamber diameters of 23" will pass through an 24" manhole.


Standard equipment

Direction of inlet opening

CEH flow regulators have a straight inlet and a vertical outlet, which makes it possible to orientate the outlet in any direction.



The flow regulator is fastened to the wall of the structure by means of a hinge, whereby it may be tipped up. Thus, access is provided to a larger opening for comfortable inspection and maintenance of the regulator and the inflow, if required.


Replaceable outlet orifice plate

The flow regulator has a replaceable outlet orifice plate.


Optional extras

Adapter cone

If the pipe dimensions of the delivery pipe and the inlet tube of the flow regulator differ substantially, the regulator may be provided with an adapter cone on the inlet fitted between the flange/plate and the inlet tube.


Inspection cover

For easy inspection of the vortex chamber the CEH flow regulators are available with a transparent inspection cover made of plexiglass. However, the vortex chamber may also be inspected by tipping up the regulator.



CEH is available on a bracket with a base, which offers comfortable inspection and maintenance of the regulator and inflow, if required. The bracket is available up to a vortex chamber diameter of 23" with an inlet tube diameter of 6". Also, the flow regulator may be tipped up from ground level by releasing a locking pawl and pulling a wire or the like fastened to the regulator.


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