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GeneralTechnical info

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Plant and operation

The CY flow regulator is designed for submerged installation. It is embedded in concrete and banquettes are cast to ensure a slope from all sides towards the bottom race. See example of banquette design on the sketch below.


If the banquettes are of a temporary nature only, it will be advisable to first place plastic bags filled with sand and after that to refill with concrete. In that case it will be easy to break up the banquettes at a later date.



If the flow regulator is installed close to a pipe basin or the like with a flat bottom an increased self-cleaning effect of the basin may be obtained by lowering the flow controller so that the upper edge of the inlet tube is on a level with the upstream bottom race. The last 0.5 m of the bottom race before the inlet of the controller should be lowered as well.

Commercial dimensions

Type                  Diameter

CY10-                   10"

CY12-                   12"

CY14-                   14"

CY16-                   16"

CY20-                   20"

CY22-                   22"

CY24-                   24"

CY26-                   26"

CY30-                   30"

CY34-                   34"

CY40-                   40"

CY50-                   50"

CY60-                   60"



Example of bankette layout, section and plan.div>

Standard equipment

Orientation of inlet tube

CY flow regulators are available with right or left orientated inlet. For straight flows left oriented inlet is standard, but you have to look at the geometry of the well/structure to choose the more suitable orientation of the inlet tube.


Adjustable inlet orifice plate

The flow regulator is available with an infinitely adjustable inlet orifice plate.


Double inlet

The flow regulator may be equipped with a double inlet; a conventional inlet and a safety overflow (active by-pass) on the upper side of the inlet tube.


Outlet tube

The flow regulator is available with an outlet tube diameter suiting the discharge pipe of the structure.


Optional extras

Outlet tube with a 15º bend

The flow regulator may be provided with an outlet tube having a 15º bend. This solution may be suitable when the distance of approach to the inlet hole is small. The bend of the outlet tube results in a straighter flow.


Overflow pipe

If extra protection against clogging is required, the flow regulator may be equipped with an overflow pipe. It is located at the top of the extended outlet tube or beside the flow regulator with discharge through a branch pipe and its opening is on a level with the maximum head.



The flow regulator may be equipped with a by-pass to allow discharge. The by-pass is activated by pulling a tube out of a sleeve located at the upper side of the extended outlet tube or beside it with discharge through a branch pipe. The opening of the pipe is located on a higher level than the maximum head.


Overflow pipe and by-pass

The flow regulator may be equipped with a combined overflow pipe and by-pass (see the individual descriptions above). In that case the opening of the overflow pipe is located on a level with the maximum head.



If the water level rises rapidly or in the event of backwater on the outlet side, it may be difficult for the CY flow regulator to get rid of the air from the vortex chamber, which results in a reduced braking effect compared with the design value. Venting will ensure that this problem does not occur. However, owing to the design of the venting device a core of air will be maintained in the vortex chamber contributing to giving the regulator its braking effect.


Supazote® packing ring

If the outlet hole of the flow regulator is less than 0.7 times the diameter of the discharge hole the flow regulator may be equipped with a Supazote® packing ring facilitating dismounting of the flow regulator for modification or replacement by a new larger or smaller flow regulator, despite the embedment. At the same time the Supazote® packing ring replaces the outlet tube and makes it possible to turn the flow controller up to 15° to suit a straight flow.


Installation options and equipment

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