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GeneralTechnical info

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Plant and operation


DB flow regulators are designed for submerged installation. They are embedded in concrete and banquettes are cast to ensure a slope from all sides towards the bottom race. See example of banquette design on the sketch.


If the banquettes are of a temporary nature only, it will be advisable to first place plastic bags filled with sand and after that to refill with concrete. In that case it will be easy to brake up the banquettes at a later date.

Example of bankette lay-out, section.


If the flow regulator is installed close to a pipe basin or the like with a flat bottom an increased self-cleaning effect of the basin may be obtained by lowering the controller 2-4" under the basin bottom over the last 20" of the bottom race before the inlet of the regulator.

Example of bankette lay-out, plan.

Trade dimensions

DB flow regulators are available with the following chamber diameters:

















+ special designs


Standard equipment

Orientation of inlet tube

DB flow regulators have a straight flow.


Adjustable inlet orifice plate

The flow regulator has an infinitely adjustable inlet orifice plate.


Adjustable outlet orifice plate

The flow regulator has an infinitely adjustable outlet orifice plate.


Mounting plate or outlet tube

The flow regulator is available with a mounting plate or an outlet tube with a diameter suiting the outlet of the structure.



Optional extras

Overflow pipe

If extra protection against clogging is required the flow regulator may be equipped with an overflow pipe designed as a pipe standing on the outlet tube or an outward bending rear plate on a level with the overflow.



The flow regulator may be equipped with a by-pass to allow discharge. The by-pass is activated by pulling a tube out of a sleeve located at the upper side of the extended outlet tube or beside it with discharge through a branch pipe. The opening of the pipe is located on a higher level than the maximum head.


Overflow pipe and by-pass

The flow regulator may be equipped with a combined overflow pipe and by-pass (see the individual descriptions above). In that case the opening of the overflow pipe is located on a level with the maximum head.


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